Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Sweet Treat For An Amazing Feat!

I received a request from a friend to help him out with his wedding what better way to add some extra loving to a romantic event other than with some beautifully adorned cupcakes!

Heck, it only happens once in your life ( ever so often for some people :D ) .. so why not make your wedding proposal an awesome one?

Women love chocolate so I had to make something that had chocolate in it from top to bottom! And it struck me like rock ( ouch -.- )! instead of just plain chocolate cupcakes, .. why not make them BROWNIE CUPCAKES! now that is something you can't say no to! I mean've got time to think your answer through but to brownies? HELL NO! LOL

Then the bigger question came to mind...what about the topping? Would have been weird if i put a vanilla butter cream topping..would have been like bringing me shopping for clothes ( bad taste in them :O ) the two just don't match! .. so heck it! I decided just go for a bittersweet chocolate buttercream ... I's like the creme de la creme! but in this case it would be cream de la cupcake! LOL

So what about garnishing? Just throw a strawberry there and the ladies would just go " awwwww...." and then to make sure the evening ends just the way you want it *wink*..put a white chocolate ciggy and a heart :) ..

Now ladies, wouldn't you want your man to do something like this for ya? Well if your man don't give this to know who to call! *wink* LOL!

The last one goes out to that girl wanting to be loved!

Chocolate brownie cupcakes with bittersweet buttercream

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bite me!

Yes, it's been a while since i've posted up something...technically it's been ages! LOL!

After much persuasion from my friend to update my blog, i've finally
gotten my heavy bump up to sit down during the weekend and update at LEAST one post a week! :D

So let's start out with some pornography! Food porn that is ;) - I'll leave the usual ones to you :D

Starting out with a simple piping of a flower. Well if it doesn't look like one, just try and imagine it as it is one! :D

Finished off with a dual layer bavarois ; chocolate and vanilla garnished with a tuile penetrating the epidermis of the bavarois.

Accompanying it is a chocolate box , passion fruit and raspberry sauce :D

Bite Me!

Dual Chocolate and Vanilla Bavarian Cream with a duo of raspberry and passion fruit sauce

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Le Petit Gateux

Works of art and masterpieces share one thing in common ; patience and a whole lot of effort!

It took me months and finally I managed to do it! Finally made that decorated almond sponge I have always wanted. Threw bags of almonds and cartons of eggs just trying to get the right springiness. Started with apple green tuilend swooshed my piping bag all across and ended up with some random design.

Alas, it's done.

Feels like painting. The only difference, it's edible.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raspeberry Mousse

Just had a go at plated desert today! :) Just sticking to the simple basics and this post chronicles on what began as a white a well erm...filled one? :D!

Luckily managed to get some help from my chefs and some of my friends :P! Enjoy yo~

So let's start with a clean plate *duh* :D

Next, we have our sauce. Just pull it anyway you want.

Then, the mousse goes on top! * gentle *

Get a nice curved chocolate deco and place it with the raspberries. ( Forgive this obscene picture )

Add the chocolate dipped strawberry at the corner! Tada!

With some final touch ups . . . regards to the chef and my friends :)

Raspberry Mousse with chocolate sauce

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chocolate Confections

Scroll down for more! :)!

Well it's been a busy few weeks lately so could not upload any stufffzz lately :)! but i had a great opportunity to get my nifty hands on some chocolate lessons! - proved to be one awesome lesson!

Let's start of with a brief introduction. Since we were all toddlers, from the very first moment we could get our teeth on those lovely chocolate bars and candies..we were craving them ever since.

After brushing them with some colour-ed edible dust! :D

The close up . . . ( the shine....*_* )

From that crisp and lovely snap the moment we tear that lovely bar of chocolate apart like hounds feeding on their prey after months of starvation, to that very bittersweet end that melts down our mouth and that orgasmic sensation that lingers to the very bottom of our tummy! We all crave chocolate ( well most of us! heh :D )

So I had the chance to make myself some! From a decent and fairly good quality chocolate and not those store bought chocolate blocks which promote cancer! Yes, they have some vegetable fats which I believe to be hydrogenated fat ( CANCER-OUS I TELL YOU! ).

Anyways enough with my grandma stories and feast your eyes on these :)!

Some Belgian Chocolate Shells :)


During my last few days . . .



PS : I just realised too much chocolate can make you nose bleed LOL! - It happened...twice -__-"

Types of chocolate were Eggnog Ganache and Star Anise Ganache.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Yes I know everyone loves chocolate so you can't blame me for making this cake over and over again rite :)?

Here's a short post for another take at this cake! With different decorations this time around :)! enjoy!

Sadly no look inside the cake eh :P! next time around folks! :)!

Chocolate Mousse Cake - "sinful"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strawberry Bavarois

How can anyone resist that tantalizing scarlet berry! As it mocks you behind those green leaves waiting for you to sink your teeth into a succulent sweet ( well not so sweet here in Malaysia ) juices! about orgasmic mouth sensations!

Well unfortunately the strawberry jams we get here are 99% sugar and 1% real strawberry *sighs* can one resist that seductive red glow! I mean it looks good on has to look good on cakes as well right? :D

Ahah! anyways..enjoy a little something I came up with :)!

Notice the sad sad leaves on the strawberries :('s hard to find nice ones these days lol

Well time to bite into my pudding like cake ;)! enjoy!

Strawberry Bavarois